Transferring your numbers to Voice Carrier.

What is porting? 

Porting is the process of taking your phone number away from your current carrier and moving it to another carrier, such as Voice Carrier. If you are moving your phone and/or fax services to Voice Carrier, and you’d like to keep one or more of the numbers you have established with your previous provider, we are happy to help you begin the porting process.

How do I port my number to Voice Carrier? 

Voice Carrier can begin the process of porting your numbers once we have received a signed Letter of Authorization (LOA). Click the button to complete the LOA form.

How do I fill out the Letter of Authorization (LOA) form? 

The information on your LOA must match exactly the authorized name, service address, and billing phone number on your account with your current provider for the phone and fax numbers you are transferring. If you have more than one provider you must complete a form for each with the corresponding phone number.

If there is mismatched data or an unauthorized signer completes the form, the port request will be rejected by your current provider. If you’re not sure what information is correct, please reference a bill from your current provider or contact support at 888-830-6230.

I am working with one of your partners. Can they complete the form on my behalf? 

Yes. If you are working with an Authorized Voice Carrier Reseller, they can select the “Partner” button, complete the form on your behalf, and designate an authorized signer from your company to electronically sign the LOA form. 

How much does it cost to transfer my numbers? 

Please contact us for current pricing.
855-456-8647 (toll free)
650-376-1200 (direct)


I have more questions about porting my numbers? 

Please contact the Voice Carrier Porting Department.
888-830-6230 (toll free)

Click to begin porting your numbers.