Whenever you need us. 

At Voice Carrier, we really LOVE our customers. That’s why we have LIVE customer care.
Steve, Christina, Bruce and our entire support team are right HERE in the United States, ready to give a hand 24/7/365.



Is your customer service really that good?

Yes. Voice Carrier has the best customer service in the industry. Our response time averages 0.4 hours and we have a 98-100% Zendesk satisfaction rating month to month.

Is it really free?

Yes! Voice Carrier Customer Support is really free. We’ve always included unlimited, live help to all our customers. No recordings or endless holds.

How long will it be free?

Forever! To infinity and beyond. Till the cows come home. However you want to say it.

Can I buy Premium support?

No. We don’t have support levels. We think every customer is as important as the next. Everyone is Premium.

How easy is it to reach customer support?

See that little green button on the bottom right of your screen. The one that says “Help”. We be there. You can also call 888-830-6230 or email support@voicecarrier.com. We’re always here. 24/7/365

Who will I talk to?

You will speak to a primary support specialists directly. We don’t have layers of support teams or call escalations that waste your time.

What is the meaning of life?

We get that question a lot. It comes with the job. Most customers are happy with 42. Otherwise, we suggest you ask Alexa or Siri. Don’t bother with Hal 9000 or KITT. They won’t cave. We tried.



Customer care drives our mission.

We’ve all had a terrible experience with customer support. We know the pain. The kind that nearly brings you to tears without even solving the problem. Some say it’s just “a fact of life.”  But, we won’t stand for it at Voice Carrier.

We’re about BETTER PHONE SERVICE. That means we don’t rely on canned email replies. You won’t hear scripted answers that don’t get to the root of your issue. We individualize each problem, regardless of how many times we’ve seen it before. This is the first time you’ve seen it.

Waiting on hold forever is never an option…though we do have epic music.

You won’t go nuts trying to understanding a foreign accent (sorry, no offense) or struggle to describe the problem. The entire Voice Carrier support team is American (again, no offense), like Steven and Christina. We’re happy to take a crack at any accent though, if you really miss it. Just ask when you call!

The Voice Carrier Support Team is a finely tuned group of special force tele-ops that take our jobs very seriously. Ok, we also have a bit of fun!

What can we help you with?