Why You Can’t Run Your Business With a Cellphone

A message from Paul Mahler, CEO Voice Carrier, LLC

We closed our offices a few years ago. Closing just the main office saves us over $15,000 a month—a big help to a small business.

It’s not just Rent. Stop paying for janitorial services, utilities, local taxes, permits, licenses, and dues. Closing the office let us move our company to a lower-cost state.

How much are you spending per month per employee to have an office? When you lose an employee, your rent doesn’t go down. Your fixed costs stay the same. If your revenues go down, your lease payment doesn’t. When your business grows, you’re stuck in an office that’s too small.

Our office building sold to a new landlord. When we signed a new lease, it was a much, much worse deal. The rent looked about the same, but the fees and costs kept skyrocketing as the service plummeted. Every call with them was an unpleasant call.

All our employees moved out of California to more affordable, more pleasant places. They moved closer to their family or the recreation area they love. They got a lot more home for a lot less money.

Ending their commute saves them time and money. It gives them more time for work and family.

So, save yourself the money and headaches of an office.

In my next blogs, I’ll help show you how.

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