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A message from Paul Mahler, CEO Voice Carrier, LLC

What the Telephone Company Can Do for You

You need three things. You need a telephone, a telephone system, and you need to call someone.

Your telephone company has a telephone system. The telephone company connects you to the other person.

An incoming call can go to voicemail, you can forward all your incoming calls. You hear when a second call is waiting. You can make a three-way call.

Their system does a few other things, but you don’t know what they are and will never use them.

What’s Missing?

Your telephone company can’t do everything you need. Your office telephone system may not do everything you need.

You need l lower bill.

What Voice Carrier Does for You

We lower your bill.

We add anything that is missing from your telephone company or your company telephone system.

We make your small company work like a big company. We make your large company telephone system work better. We make company telephone systems in different locations work better together.

A Few Examples

If your office is closed, or if it’s after hours, forward calls to your cellphone.

Give your caller a choice. “Press one for sales”.

Then, ring every sales phone at the same time. Or, send the call from phone to phone until someone answers. Or put the call on hold until someone is available.

If no one answers, send the call to an operator. Or, send the call to a cell phone.

If it’s after hours, send the call to a different office in a different city. If it’s lunch time, send the call to a different place.

You get multiple conference calling rooms. As many as you need at no additional cost.

What Does it Cost?

We lower your bill. A lot.

Keep your telephone system. There is no upfront cost.

Get a simple bill with no hidden charges.

We don’t charge per seat or for individual features. You get everything for the same low price.

Get a single bill for all your locations.

Change Your Telephone Company to Voice Carrier

We’ll get you running in 24 hours or less.

We have the best customer service on the planet.

If you can’t use your office telephone system right now, or if it won’t do something you need, or you want to save money, please call sales at Sales 855-456-8647. Drew and his team will get you running in 72 hours or less.

Voice Carrier is a licensed telephone company providing Better Phone Service to thousands of happy customers for over a decade.

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