Voice Carrier – Working Remotely for 120 Years

A message from Paul Mahler, CEO Voice Carrier, LLC

Remote work started over 120 years ago. It isn’t a new idea.

Alexander Graham Bell hired Emma Nutt in September of 1878. Emma was the first female telephone operator, and her sister, Stella, became the second just a few hours later.

Emma’s job was answering the incoming call, asking for the number, and then putting a corded plug into the right socket on the switchboard to connect the two callers. Polite and with a soothing voice, Emma became the role model for telephone operators.

Small-town telephone companies would put their switchboard in someone’s home, not an office. The woman of the house worked from home.

These were the first remote workers. 120 years ago.

The telephone enables remote work. You need the right telephone system to make it work right.

In following blogs, I’ll tell you more about remote work can work best for you.

If you can’t use your office telephone system right now, or if it won’t do something you need, please call sales at Sales 855-456-8647. Drew and his team will get you back up and running in 72 hours or less.

Voice Carrier is a licensed telephone company providing Better Phone Service to thousands of happy customers for over a decade—without us having an office!

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