Survive Without Money

A message from Paul Mahler, CEO Voice Carrier, LLC

Keep your business open with Voice Carrier Plus™

You don’t need a new telephone system. Use the telephone system you have. No new equipment. No money upfront.

Ready in 24 hours or less.

Work remotely. Work better.

If your telephone system isn’t working, we get you back up and working right now.

If it is working, add the magic. Here are examples.

You aren’t in the office? Forward your incoming calls to a cell phone.

But you can’t run your business with only cellphones. Cellphones won’t work when your call has to be directed to the right person or to a group of people.

Put a desk phone anywhere. Then send the call to a desk phone or a cell phone. Yes, with your current phone system.

Send incoming calls to the right person. “Press 1 for sales, press 2 for support, press 3 for billing”.

Or, combine a group of workers. Ring multiple phones at the right time. Ring phones in the order you want. Ring phones at different locations.

“Customer calls are swamping us. Hold times are longer than usual. We’ll get you to the next available agent. Press 1 to leave a voicemail message. Press 2 for support. Email support is available at”

When they press two, the call finds the right person. If everyone is busy, the call is held until the right person answers it.

Redirect calls from all locations to a central location.

Redirect calls by the time of day. Forward calls from a closed office to an open office. Send calls to different cellphones at different times of day. Ring a desk phone and then when there’s no answer send the call to a cellphone.

Everyone can have their own personal conference bridge at no additional cost.

Make any changes to your service immediately. Just call our service staff.

We give you everything you need to keep your customers and staff talking.

If you can’t use your office telephone system right now, or if it won’t do something you need, please call sales at Sales 855-456-8647. Drew and his team will get you back up and running in 72 hours or less.

Voice Carrier is a licensed telephone company providing Better Phone Service to thousands of happy customers for over a decade—without us having an office!

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