Send Your Call to the Right Person at the Right Time

A message from Paul Mahler, CEO Voice Carrier, LLC

When someone calls your office, you can give them choices “. . . If you know your party’s extension, dial it now.” Dialing your extension rings your desk phone.

If your office telephone system can’t do this, we can still do this for you.

You can have a separate telephone number dedicated to your desk phone. Calling this telephone number rings the phone on your desk without the greeting.

You can send all your telephone calls to your cell phone. When you don’t answer, the call goes to your cellphone voicemail. Or, forward the calls to someone else in your company.

If your office telephone system can’t do this, or your office telephone system isn’t working, we can still do this for you.

Ring several telephones at the same time–your desk in the office and your desk phone at home. Ring your desk phone at home and second desk phone at someone else’s house, both at the same time.

Ring your cell phone during office hours. Send the call right to voicemail after business hours. Get a transcription of the voicemail in your email.

You can have the calls go where you need them to make your business work. It’s not what the telephone system can do; it’s what you want.

You can even do all this with the telephone system you already have. If your telephone system can’t do it, we still can.

If you can’t use your office telephone system right now, or if it won’t do something you need, please call sales at Sales 855-456-8647. Drew and his team will get you back up and running in 72 hours or less.

Voice Carrier is a licensed telephone company providing Better Phone Service to thousands of happy customers for over a decade—without us having an office!

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