Seats Optional

A message from Paul Mahler, CEO Voice Carrier, LLC



When you bought your car, which model did you get? What packages did you get?


What options did you buy? Was there was one option you wanted, but the extra package cost too much?


Do you need something now that you didn’t buy then?  


Did the dealer sneak in extras like paint protection or floor mats?


Telephone Service


Our competition advertises $19.95 a month for the base package. This sounds cheap, but you need their $49.95 package.


Do you want seats? That costs more.

It’s not $49.95 total a month.  It’s $49.95 a seat. If you have ten employees, it’s $495.00 a month.


We don’t charge for seats. The cost is the same for one employee, 10 employees, or 100 hundred employees.


You don’t pay for a seat in the lobby no one ever uses. You don’t buy another seat for a new employee. You don’t pay for seats you’re not using.


You get the model you want with all the features you want. Your telephone bill goes down. It’s like getting the car for free


For better service and a lower telephone bill, please call Drew and his sales team at 855-456-8647.


Voice Carrier is a licensed telephone company providing Better Phone Service[tm] to thousands of happy customers for over a decade.

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