Massive Savings

A message from Paul Mahler, CEO Voice Carrier, LLC

Telephone Lines


You bought a telephone system.


Then, you ordered telephone lines from a telephone company. You pay that telephone company every month for every line.


Six calls at the same time need six lines, but you pay for six lines when there aren’t six calls. 


When there are six calls, you can’t make another call, and incoming callers get a busy signal. 


Don’t get stuck with lines. Voice Carrier Call Rescue™ includes unlimited simultaneous calls.


Minutes Instead of Calls


Your Voice Carrier service includes a package of minutes. Everyone in your company shares those minutes.


There are never line charges, seat charges, call charges, toll charges or long-distance charges.


Calls between all company phones, including remote phones, are free. They don’t use minutes.


Save Your Money


Voice Carrier customers save massive amounts of money on their monthly telephone bills. You can too.


Keep your telephone system. Add more phones. Add remote phones.


Installation is fast, there is no upfront cost.


Don’t pay too much money again this month. Call Drew and his team at 855-456-8647.


Voice Carrier is a licensed telephone company providing Better Phone Service™ to thousands of satisfied customers for over a decade.

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