Why You Need Voice Carrier Plus™ Service for Your Business

A message from Paul Mahler, CEO Voice Carrier, LLC

Voice Carrier Plus™ does everything you need to help your customers. Everything.

If you can imagine it, we can do it for you. Just ask us.

Today, let’s talk about getting your customer talking to the right person at the right time.

Do you know how to forward a call from your office phone?

Can you change your call forwarding when you’re not in the office?

Can you forward calls to a different destination at different times of day? Automatically?

Can you forward calls to more than one person? At the same time? In order?

Can you quickly change your greeting?

“I’m out of the office this week. Please just press one to talk to someone who can help you right now.”

“Because our office is closed to visitors, we have extended our weekday service hours. Our service desk is now open from six AM to six PM weekdays. For sales press 1, for service press 2 for billing questions press three.”

Do you know how to set all this up? Do you have the time to try and figure it out?

Are you my age? Will you forget how to do it by tomorrow?

We’ll do it for you. Voice Carrier customer service takes care of you.

Call us now. Hold times are short. Service is fast.

Voice Carrier Plus™ adds saves you money with better service. Keep your telephone system, just change your telephone company.

If you can’t use your office telephone system right now, or if it won’t do something you need, or you want to save money, please call sales at Sales 855-456-8647. Drew and his team will get you running in 72 hours or less.

Voice Carrier is a licensed telephone company providing Better Phone Service to thousands of happy customers for over a decade.

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