Free Hospitality Phone Systems

Today’s blog is dedicated to our hospitality partners.


You can have a telephone system at your property. Or, you can use a remote telephone system. A remote telephone system is a “hosted” or a “Cloud” system. They both do the same thing.


Voice Carrier is the only company that has a fully hosted solution for hospitality.


You don’t need a telephone system or a property management system at your property. We host everything for you.


Keep using all the phones you already have. Don’t buy a new telephone system. Don’t fix an old telephone system. Don’t spend a lot of money upfront.


Your monthly telephone bill goes way down.


It’s like getting a new telephone system for free. 


To find out how much money you can save every month, call Drew and his team at 855-456-8647.


Voice Carrier is a licensed telephone company providing Better Phone Service™ to thousands of satisfied customers for over a decade.

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