Don't Get Sued, Get Voice Carrier

Do you have a hotel, an office on multiple floors, a campus with multiple buildings?


You have a lot of phones in a lot of places.


What happens in an emergency when someone dials 911?


You have a problem. You are liable. You can get sued.


Even more important, you need to help the person with the emergency. 


Where is the emergency?  Your Voice Carrier telephone system tells your staff exactly where. The building, the room, the desk.


Choose a group of users. When a 911 call starts, all the phones in the group ring at the same time.


This call plays a message saying exactly where the emergency is. The building, the room, the desk.


If someone in the group is on a call, the message is whispered in their ear.


No one has to answer a speaker phone, calls can go directly to the speaker. 


Nobody else can do this for you.


Disclaimer: this only works with a Voice Carrier telephone system, not when we only supply dial tone. 


So, don’t get sued. Get Voice Carrier.


Stay safe. Save money. Call Drew and his team at 855-456-8647.


Voice Carrier is a licensed telephone company providing Better Phone Service™ to thousands of satisfied customers for over a decade.

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