A message from Paul Mahler, CEO Voice Carrier, LLC

Call Rescue™ buddies with your office telephone system to do more work for you. 


For example, Call Rescue™ adds service for remote telephones. Every remote phone becomes part of your business.


With free unlimited lines, install all the remote phones you need at no additional cost. There are no line costs or seat charges. All calls are included for no extra cost in your monthly plan.


Call Rescue™ answers a call and lets your customer select who they want to talk to. The incoming call can go to an office phone, a remote phone, both, and to a cell phone.


Is your office closed? Your calls still get answered.


With two employees at two different remote locations, an incoming call can ring both remote phones at the same time. Either person can answer.


A remote employee can transfer a call to anyone else in your company, even to someone’s  cellphone.


Your employee is on the telephone with a customer. They need help. They can join another employee, who can be anywhere, to the call with your customer.


Do you assign different employees to after-hours calls on different days?  Call Rescue™ connects your caller to your on-call employee, even their cell phone.


Call Rescue™ works for free. It’s included with your Voice Carrier telephone service at no additional cost.


Installation is fast, there is no upfront cost. And, your telephone bill goes way, way down.


Call Rescue™ is a great partner for your telephone system. Voice Carrier is a great partner for your business.


Don’t pay too much money for telephone service again this month. Call Drew and his team at 855-456-8647.


Voice Carrier is a licensed telephone company providing Better Phone Service™ to thousands of satisfied customers for over a decade.

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