Can emergency responders find a 911 caller in your office, hotel, school, or hospital?

Voice Carrier can help you comply so your business, employees and patrons are safe. It’s cost effective and ready in 48 hours.

E911 Legislation and Compliance

By the end of 2016, your company or institution can be legally liable for 911 calls that fail to provide the correct location of the caller. The emergency dispatcher must be able to identify the exact, physical location for every phone in your establishment — down to the office, hotel, or classroom number.

Laws in your State may require you to change your telephone system immediately, in order to avoid stiff fines and penalties:

Rules state that businesses in violation of the act after December 31, 2016 may be assessed a fine by the commission from $500.00 to $5,000.00 per offense. [MI SENATE BILL No. 878. 2016]

The required E911 capabilities inherently reside in Voice Carrier phone systems. They can detect location identity to the desktop, where other systems cannot.

What does E911 compliance require?

Calling 911 does not require an outside access key — press * to dial out — common in hotels and offices.

A call to 911 relays the detailed, physical location of the phone — down to the room number, floor, or office number.

Police, fire, and paramedics are also given the phone’s exact information so they are sent to the correct location, avoiding any delay reaching the emergency.

If disconnected, emergency dispatchers can call the phone back directly without getting an auto-attendant, answering service, call center, or remote switchboard.

911 calls connect to the agency within closest proximity to the caller — not the central phone system’s location (e.g., corporate headquarters).

We’ve already built this into our phone systems,
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…and, it’s the law.